In December, Gottfried Brütsch-Treuberg dies at the age of 57. His son, Ernst Brütsch is recalled from Africa and starts with the firm on 1 April 1930.


Gottfriend Rüegger sr. dies after some 20 years of successful collaboration with his partners, Gottfried Brütsch and Julius Koch. His son, Gottfried Rüegger-Koch, who until now has held the firm's power of attorney, becomes a partner.


Stock taking in 1921, everyone lends a hand. Front, seated from left: Gottfried Rüegger and Julius Koch. First row, standing from right: Gottfried Brütsch, Ernst Brütsch-Grüter, Gottfried Rüegger-Koch.


The company's owners buy the property in Limmatstrasse 48/50 in order to create a warehouse in one of the side buildings and the former stables, mainly to be used to store steel tubes since this branch of the business is expanding quickly.


In June there are catastrophic floods, and the river Sihl and the Schanzengraben are so full of water that our shop at Löwenstrasse is inundated. The most important event of this year, however, is that the front of the house, previously occupied solely by rented apartments, is converted into a large shop premises with two connecting offices.


Gottfried Rüegger jr. starts working for the firm. At this time, the range of tools available comprises instruments for farriers and cartwrights rather than automobile mechanics. There are even two Roch slide gauges in the store – the company's owners have serious doubts whether these expensive instruments will ever be sold.


Brütsch & Co. buys the property at Löwenstrasse 53 in Zurich.


The business is sold to Gottfried Brütsch-Treuberg, Gottfried Rüegger-Herbster and Julius Koch-Schoeffter, who found the company Brütsch & Co. (Then still just a steel store in the cellar. Calculators were unheard of, and the cash desk was a simple writing-desk drawer.


Eduard Wetzel buys the Löwenstrasse 53 property for his business in Zurich.


The firm moves from Wädenswil to Zurich's Seidengasse. (The business now also carried seamless precision steel pipes, invented in 1886 by the Mannesmann brothers).





Gottfried Brütsch joins the business.







Eduard Wetzel, a file-cutter by trade, founds his business in Wädenswil.