130 years of Brütsch/Rüegger AG
“Our strength lies in being different!” In line with this motto, in our anniversary year we aim to stand out once again from our competitors in everything we do and satisfy the needs of our customers. Because your success is our success.


The Board of Directors is expanded with the addition of Dr. Eduard Rikli and Yves Enderli, two personalities from the field of industrial production and international trade. In the Tools/Standard Parts Division, the Industrial Safety area is expanded to an independently operating product group and English is added to our Website. With the slogan “metal at your service” our Steel Tubes Division successfully underlines its strengths as a dependable and knowledgeable procurement partner for steel and steel tubes with a comprehensive range of services.


On 29 January, Ueli Hofstetter looses his fight against cancer at the age of just 57. For almost 32 years he had performed sterling work, quickly climbing the career ladder to become Deputy Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors. To succeed him, Christian Rüegger is appointed Deputy Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors as well as Chairman of the Corporate Management. Martin Wirth becomes Managing Director of the Tools/Standard Parts Division. Patrick Epp becomes Managing Director of the Steel Tubes Division.


The global economy is growing faster than at any time in the last three decades. In the steel tube sector, the year is marked by a previously unheard of shortage of steel with massively increased prices on the procurement side. Edition 16 of our TOOLBOOK marks another milestone: 30,000 catalogues, each containing 2,200 pages printed on 125 tonnes of paper. More than 10,000 pictures and line drawings illustrate our range of over 80,000 items from more than 700 suppliers.


The first NORMBOOK standard part catalogue in the company’s history with a comprehensive range of more than 25,000 standard parts for forming and stamping toolmaking applications is published. Our totally revised e-shop goes online. It sets new standards in terms of functionality and user-friendliness – a quantum leap from the virtual shopping basket launched back in 1998.


125 years of Brütsch/Rüegger – a special anniversary year is celebrated in fitting style with numerous events involving customers, suppliers and staff. Werner Fischer retires from the Board of Directors on becoming seventy years of age. He joined Brütsch/Rüegger & Co. as an apprentice on 12 April 1948. His commitment took him through the buying management to Divisional Manager Steel Tubes from 1991, and ultimately to the Board of Directors in 1997. Christian Rüegger is elected as a new member of the Board of Directors.


Kurt Brunschweiler, an extraordinarily respected management personality in the Brütsch/Rüegger company retires from the Board of Directors at the age of 70. At the end of the year, the IT system, now 15 years old, is replaced by the i/2 system from the Polynorm company in a major project.