Brütsch/Rüegger Metals Ltd.

metal at your service

Flexibility, dynamism, performance orientation, precision and innovation abilities together with customer orientation, maximum product availability and above average product - and service quality form the cornerstone of the brand Brütsch/Rüegger Tools.

Brütsch/Rüegger Metals delivers direct from its warehouse:

  • Seamless hot-rolled thick-walled tubes
  • Seamless precision steel tubes
  • Steel bars and cold drawn steel
  • High-grade structural steel and tool steel
  • Cylinder tubes and piston rods, hydraulic tubes
  • Hollow sections and welded steel tubes
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • Bimetal Tubes
  • Hardox Tubes


Services for warehouse articles:

  • Packaging of warehouse items by size and quantity
  • All pre-production operations
  • Same-day or Just-in-Time deliveries


Services on Project-basis:

  • Sourcing of steel and metal products (elongated goods, forging parts) for direct delivery of large quantities or on-call delivery with interim storage at Brütsch/Rüegger Metals
  • Delivery of finished processed rotation-system metric work-pieces by design

Our service is built upon the needs and trust of our customers, a co-operative relationship with our suppliers as well as the appreciation of our motivated employees.

Althardstrasse 83
CH-8105 Regensdorf

Phone +41 44 871 34 34
Fax +41 44 871 34 99​​​​​​​